Street Sweeping Routes


Routeware helps you design more efficient street sweeping routes. Whether you want to reduce operating costs or improve services, optimizing your street sweeping routes will ensure you are delivering the best possible performance with the budget available.

Designed specifically for use in street sweeping, our route optimization software lets service managers design more efficient street sweeping routes, allowing them to increase productivity and gain operational control and agility.


Reduce Costs

Route optimization can lower the operating costs of your street sweeping service. With an optimized service design, you can achieve the same performance with fewer vehicles, or avoid adding additional vehicles to make performance improvements.


Create Efficiency

Routeware lets you balance work more effectively between resources, reducing the number of sweepers you need and reducing the instances of routes running over time. Whatever routes your drivers work, effective route design ensures they get a fair day’s work and that they know their scheduled work is achievable in practice.


Easier to Use

The unique way Routeware deals with different frequencies and work types makes it easier to create efficient routes and improve resource usage. By allowing users to work more quickly and accurately, Routeware ensures they are able to implement changes more effectively in order to realize the savings.


Evaluate Different Options

One of the key ways our customers use Routeware is to assess different service options. By modelling different scenarios that vary visit frequencies, change shift patterns, swap vehicles and move depots, managers and analysts can quickly and accurately evaluate the costs and benefits of different options.


Work Safely

Routeware ensures your drivers can work safely and efficiently no matter how often they drive the route. With built-in hazard definition and support for route risk assessment, you can quickly and easily produce new maps and driving instructions as your routes change.