About us

Route optimization software for solid waste collection

EasyRoute is one of only a handful of companies around the world that have developed solid waste specific route optimization software. The optimization of solid waste collection routes is different from routing problems in other industries, such as deliveries or field service. Solutions from other industries don’t work in waste.
So we focus on high-density route optimization software specifically designed for planning solid waste collection services. Our award-winning software is used by solid waste professionals to design more efficient waste and recycling collection routes.
This allows them to run their services using fewer vehicles and less fuel, which dramatically reduces their operating costs. Using our software, our customers are able to more confidently plan routes that they know will work in practice.
Over the last 10 years we’ve worked with over 200 private haulers and municipal governments in Europe, North America and Australia, providing them with powerful, easier to use route optimization solutions focused solely on the unique nature of solid waste collection. In doing so, we have helped our customers to save millions of dollars.
Our software is designed and supported by a world-class team with unsurpassed expertise and experience in the field of high-density route optimization and solid waste collection, built up over hundreds of route optimization projects with municipalities and the private sector.