Residential Waste Routes


Planning residential solid waste collection routes is different from routing problems in other industries. It involves many more stops, a repeating service cycle, and there are specific safety risks and vehicle constraints. Solutions from other industries just don’t work in waste.

By quickly and easily optimizing their residential waste collection routes, service managers at private haulers and municipalities can drive greater efficiency and productivity, improve customer service, and gain operational control and agility.


Create Efficiency

Routeware lets you balance work more efficiently across your routes in order to lower the operating cost of your service. With a more efficient set of routes you can deliver services to the same residents at the same standards using fewer trucks, less fuel, and reduced staff.


Reduce your Risk

Introducing new residential routes can be risky. Residential routes involve large numbers of properties and any issues with solid waste collections tend to get a lot of attention. So when making changes it’s important to get it right. Routeware reduces the risk of public disruption and provides you with the reassurance that planned changes will work as expected.


Evaluate your Options

One of the key ways our customers use Routeware is to assess different service options. By modelling different scenarios that vary collection frequencies, change shift patterns, swap vehicles and move depots, managers and analysts can quickly and accurately evaluate the costs and benefits of different options.


Support your Drivers

Routeware lets you work with your drivers to build better routes. By fine-tuning routes and seeing the performance effect immediately, our software lets you use, not, lose the expertise and experience of your drivers. Routeware also provides route maps and driving instructions, and integrates with leading on-board routing systems, so that you can help your drivers to work safely and efficiency.


Digitize your Service

Our unique route optimization software lets you build an accurate model of your service using real world data such as working time, the number of stops, collection weights, and number of dump trips, in order to match your service design to what actually gets done.


Build Accurate Routes

Built specifically for solid waste, Routeware is packed with all the powerful features you need. The accuracy of our data models and our unrivalled project experience means you can be confident your new routes will work for your drivers.