Get going with Routeware


Routeware provides high-density route optimization software designed specifically for use within solid waste collection and street sweeping services.

Using Routeware, our clients lower their costs, improve performance and reduce risk by designing efficient more solid waste collection routes. Routeware has worked with hundreds of private companies and municipal governments around the world, providing them with powerful, flexible and easy to use route optimization solutions.


Cuts costs

Route optimization lowers the operating cost of your service. With a more efficient set of routes you can deliver services to your customers using fewer trucks, less fuel, and reduced staff costs.


Easy to use

Route design is complex, but your route optimization software shouldn’t be. Routeware is easy enough for waste and environmental professionals to use directly, giving them the tools they need to work faster and smarter.


Faster ROI

A plan is worth nothing unless it can be implemented. Routeware lets you speed up the implementation of a more efficient set of routes by allowing you to quickly, yet robustly, assess different operational options, and in doing so speed up your return on investment.