Red River Waste Solutions

In The Spotlight

We were delighted to see our friends at Red River Waste Solutions featured in the June issue of Waste Advantage Magazine ( The article included a short section briefly describing the start of our work with the company, where EasyRoute is being used to balance and optimize their routes to make the best use of resources.

The following paragraphs are reproduced from Waste Advantage Magazine, June 2017.

Leveraging Growth

Like any growing business, the challenge for Red River Waste has been to leverage growth to achieve efficiency and enhanced customer service. For example, Red River Waste has built upon its success by operating the metropolitan solid waste service for the City of Nashville, TN, expanding into subscription services within Williamson and Rutherford Counties, which adjoin the city.

One of the key aspects to helping grow the Nashville area business sustainably has been the use of technology to help service and manage customers more efficiently and effectively. With customer growth coming through acquisition as well as organic growth, routes became difficult to maintain and resulted in long hours for some drivers. Red River Waste wanted to increase levels of customer service and achieve cost synergies, so they introduced EasyRoute, a solid waste route optimization software solution, in late 2016/early 2017.

The use of specialized optimization software, designed specifically for solid waste collection, has resulted in allowing Red River Waste to produce highly accurate routes that account for the unique nature of solid waste vehicles and collections. The optimization solution also allows them to balance and optimize existing routes concurrently. By not only determining how to efficiently driver a route, Red River Waste can also determine which truck should make which collection. As a result, Red River Waste has been able to build routes that make the best use of all available resources.

With some of the complicated routing issues for the subscription service now resolved, Red River Waste is turning their attention to their municipal services within the City of Nashville. The project team, with support from EasyRoute, is seeking to achieve major efficiencies on the city routes by redesigning and optimizing solid waste collection routes serving close to 100,000 properties. “As Red River Waste continues to expand its customer base, these technologies will increasingly play a key role in creating positive synergy and solidifying our ambition to provide superior customer service,” says John Willars, CIO.