Bestway Disposal

Waste collection and recycling in Colorado Springs is provided by private companies. One of the oldest and largest is Bestway Disposal. As a growing business in a fast growing city, Bestway continually need to make changes to their collection rounds. New customers and new streets are added every week. With their fleet of 45 trucks they collect from thousands of residents and businesses every day, across Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs and the Fountain Valley. Ensuring that they are always working as efficiently as possible - making collections on time, while minimising fuel and staff costs - is crucial to their business. And as a responsible business it’s also important to Bestway that they contribute by reducing emissions and their community impact.

Integrated route optimization software

Bestway were looking for a new route optimization solution that would let them frequently and accurately develop efficient new routes for their residential and business collection rounds. As an experienced user of optimization software already, they knew how important it was that their optimization solution could integrate with their other systems. After considering the main providers of route optimization software, Bestway chose EasyRoute as their preferred solution. After connecting the solution to their existing Soft-Pak waste management system, Bestway are now able to frequently download their routes and then as optimize them within EasyRoute.


Efficient routes, confident drivers

Bestway now have a fully integrated route optimization software solution to help them and update and create their waste collection rounds. With the solution connected in to their other operational systems they can constantly optimize rounds as changes occur, ensuring that the collections are being done as efficiently as possible. Importantly, Bestway’s truck drivers are also finding that the new routes work well for them. One of the biggest tests for any route optimization solution is how well the routes work in practice and getting drivers to trust their routes is one of the key factors for success. As well as optimized routes, Bestway also have routes their drivers are confident in working.

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